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Introduction for school of design/school of fashion, ZUST

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yabo娱乐school of design/school of fashion for zhejiang university of science and technology, hereafter referred to as “zust”, founded in 1988, has 127 staff, over 2300 full-time undergraduates and more than 30 postgraduates .taking design first level of discipline as the main body, school is equipped with the fashion design, visual communication design, environmental art design, industrial design, product design, apparel design and engineering, animation, photography, performance, a total of nine undergraduate’s majors. it has a master's degree for creative design and manufacture , together with a professional master degree in art design whose fourdirectionsincludes fashion design,product and interaction design, environmental art design,visualcommunication design.

yabo娱乐design is a provincial key discipline. art design is a major of national characteristic. and it is also an advantaged major and key major in zhejiang province. fashion design is taken as the “13th five year” advantaged major in zhejiang province. industrial design not only is one of the first batch of experimental majors for "outstanding engineers training plan" assessed by chinese ministry of education but also is the major of provincial characteristic in zhejiang. environmental art design is a major of an advantaged characteristic in zust. experimental teaching center of the school is a demonstration center of zhejiang provincial experimental teaching center. the school successfully got one provincial “13th five year”off-campus practical base for college students in 2019.

yabo娱乐targeting to cultivate international, creative and applied designers, school enhances its cooperation with enterprises, and reforms of practical teaching in order to highlight the characteristics of art and design. the school has got remarkable achievements in teaching and scientific research. many students won the international gold prizes of "chinese silks award" , the “if” awards for product design, the “red star” awards, championships in china for miss tourism cultural world, and etc.. a great number of graduates founded their own brand. school has been carried out successively "2+3" joint training program with hochschule hannover, university of applied science, "3+1" program for undergraduate bachelor's degree with nu-ova accademia di belle arti di milano, and the marketing "3+2" program with university of north texas for the cohesion to mast-er degree. school has been established cooperation with universities or institutions from germany, the united states, canada, australia, italy, south korea and other countries all around the world. we are looking forward to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation with more partners in the future.

Contact us :

yabo娱乐name: mrzhan jun

title: secretary of the party committee

yabo娱乐department: school of design/school of fashion



zip code:310023

address:school of art and design,zhejiang university of science&technologyliuhelu 318, hangzhou, china

name: mswu jia (nicole)

yabo娱乐title: secretary of the international affairs

department: school of design/school of fashion



yabo娱乐zip code:310023

address:school of art and design,zhejiang university of science&technologyliuhelu 318, hangzhou, china

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